South Jersey Girls Soccer League

US Club transition to GotSport

Starting with the 2021-22 registration year, US Club Soccer player and staff registration will take place in GotSoccer's GotSport platform.  GotSport is the next generation of the soccer platform from the company we knew as GotSoccer.   GotSport is an entirely new system that does not resemble the previous version we have been using for soccer operations.  We encourage all members of SJGSL to get comfortable with the new platform as soon as possible.  We have gathered the resources below to assist you with this transition.

We are currently in Phase 1 of a 2 Phase approach to migrate full to GotSport for the 2021/2022 Season.  As such US Club and GotSport are providing guidance and instruction on how to get your club onboarded to the new platform.  Click here for the Overview of How and Why US Club is transitioning.

Immediate Action Items for Club Admins

Phase 1 (General system and club management training)
  • Please click here for more additional information and instructions about Phase 1
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of the GotSport system and club management tools
  • Set org admin structure
  • Sync previously registered players and staff from 2019-20 and/or 2020-21 into your club’s GotSport account, or import new players and staff
  • Add proof of birth (POB) documentation for new or unverified players (Doing so now will make for a more efficient 2021-22 registration process, primarily because US Club Soccer administrators are verifying these POBs now, rather than waiting until a registration/passcard is purchased as in the past few years.)
  • Add headshot photos

Phase 2 (Coming Soon)
  • Purchase 2021-22 US Club Soccer player and staff registrations/passcards as of June 1 for eligibility starting July 1
  • Verify previous coaches/managers, and the SafeSport and CDC tests can now be completed for 2020/2021.
  • Submit registrations to your league (if applicable)
  • Complete registration/eligibility requirements for the 2021-22 season (ex: Proof of birth verification; background screening; SafeSport Training)
  • Print 2021-22 passcards and rosters for eligibility starting July 1




Previously recorded trainings may be viewed on-demand via these links:

·         Watch previously recorded Phase 1 training (English)

·         Watch previously recorded Phase 1 training (Spanish)




Previously recorded training may be viewed on-demand via this link:  

·         Watch previously recorded Phase 2 training



Trainings specifically for administrators of rec programs have also been scheduled:

·         Watch previously recorded Rec Program training



Please also frequent the 2021-22 / Transition to GotSport web page on and US Club Soccer-GotSport onboarding site.

Additional Resources
If you need to reach someone in SJGSL with questions or concerns during this transition period, please feel free to reach out to Matt at:  or  Jeff at:

2024 Scholarship Awards

SJGSL is proud to announce that our 2024 Scholarship Award recipients are:

Jessica Wojnar
Hannah Simons
Elisabeth Gallagher

The Scholarship Awards will be presented at the league's coaches meeting on February 5, 2024.