For the 2019-2020 seasonal year, all coaches, trainers, managers and other team officials carded and present on the team sidelines must hold a valid coaching license or certificate. For the upcoming year, SJSL and SJGSL will grandfather in those coaches holding a NJYS State F or State E license, or a valid USSF National license along with a certificate from the Rutgers Safety course. A league specific course has been designed for all new coaches and has been available since in July 2018.

ALL coaches must complete the Google form indicating that they hold a valid coaching license, and upload a copy of their license to coach in the Fall 2019 season.  You do not have to take this course each season – once works!



 For all NEW coaches, the leagues have designed a new league certification course.  The league certification is designed to address league rules and procedures, inform coaches of the Laws of the Game, provide technical instruction and satisfy the NJ Little League Law.  The schedule is posted on the link below.  Applicants must sign up for both a classroom component AND a field component.  You must attend the classroom component prior to attending a field session.  The classroom session will be capped at 40 applicants.   You may choose to attend any of the sessions by registering online on either league website.  There are several different dates and locations to choose from.  At your request, we have tried to move away from the mandatory Friday/Saturday setup.  Upon completion of the 2 components, you will receive a certificate allowing you to coach in the SJSL and SJGSL leagues.


PLEASE NOTE:  The leagues have also developed a new Level 2 Coaching Education Course which all coaches are urged to attend but it is nor mandatory. 


Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to attend the course.  Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at the field session. 


No special materials are necessary to attend the classroom portion.  For the field session, applicants are encouraged to wear comfortable attire, soccer cleats or appropriate footwear, shinguards, and bring a size 5 soccer ball, snacks and plenty to drink.  Coaches are not required to participate, but are encouraged to do so to fully experience the training provided.