South Jersey Girls Soccer League

Coaching Education Testimonials


“Thank you go the great field session today, as a soccer novice, I learned quite a lot and I appreciate your level of detail but keeping it fun philosophy.”

“Thank you for today, Bob.  I had a lot of fun and will definitely be able to take some great stuff back to my team.”

“Thank you so much.  I loved your in class and field session.”

“Thank you so much for the training today.  You guys made it fun and very very informative.  Things that have never even crossed my mind.”

“The class was fantastic and I could probably sit there and pick your brain for hours upon hours.  I think you are an awesome instructor and I gained so much out of the past two sessions. 

“Thank you so much for your time and efforts.  You made both the classroom and field session as beneficial and fun as they could have been.  I learned a lot about how our team can restructure and focus our practice more to maximize touches while keeping the games fun.  Keeping 60 adults of varying fitness and ability engaged for 6 hours is a tall order-and I think you and your helpers did a great job. “

“Thank you again for your time and dedication to this endeavor.  It was most certainly helpful I took a lot out of it.”

“You are a great teacher, played soccer my entire life but learned a lot today!”

“Thanks Coach.  There was a lot in your presentation and field session that I know I can use.  I especially liked the short duration for many of the warm-ups and drills, which kept us engaged and would surely be essential working with 9-year-olds.”

“Thanks for everything!  I especially appreciated the personality and humor injected into this mandatory training session.  Glad we got to hear it from someone who enjoys what they do!”

“Thank you for putting these classes together.  I definitely learned a lot between the two days and think it will definitely help me be a better coach.”

“You are an excellent instructor and truly an asset to the league.  Thank you very much for all of your efforts.  I really appreciate all of the new tools you’ve shared with me and my new assistant coach.”

“Great training today!  I’ve been coaching my kids in soccer for the past 3 years and this provided a new perspective and new exercises.”

“Thank you!  The classroom and field training were fantastic.  It may not mean something from someone that knows little to nothing about the game but as Supreme Court Justice Stewart once said, “….I know it when I see it” and I witnessed phenomenal instructional training (for any sport)”