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GotSoccer Help Links


If you already have a team in GotSoccer, it must be associated with a club.  If the team is not associated with a club, please use the link below to learn how to import a team into a club account. 



Newly formed teams or teams that don't have a GotSoccer account, please use the link below to learn how to create a new team within your club account. 



Teams are free to edit their rosters in GotSoccer immediately.  The following guide shows how to edit the player information and to create coach and team officials. 




The last link is how to upload players into GotSoccer and below is a link for how to bulk assign players to teams, if you choose to upload players.  



Adding US Club ID # to Game Cards:

Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to change the Default setting to US Club ID on your GS roster so that you can get the US Club ID #s on your Game Card

For help with GotSoccer, please contact both Dave Buchanan ( dave.buchanan@gotsport.com ) and Jordi Garcia ( jordi.garcia@gotsport.com ) .  They are the GS reps who are dedicated to the SJGSL.  You may also use the chat feature while in GotSoccer located at the bottom right of your account or call the support center at 904-746-4446.


SJGSL Referee Evaluation

The REFEREE evaluation is live!!!!! It is optional for week 2 (9/16) but will be mandatory beginning Week 3 (9/23). They must be completed and submitted no later than 12pm Monday after the game. 

Click here for the referee evaluation. 

If you need more area to explain how good or not your referee was please have your club email me: sjgslreferees@gmail.com

2019 Scholarship Awards

Download the Scholarship application by clicking "HERE".

Calender of Events

Click HERE for the Calender of Events through 1/2/19

SJGSL Member Tournaments

BCSA Turkey Cup 2018, November 24th and 25th

Cinnaminson 38th Annual Thanksgiving Tournament, November 24th and 25th 

West Deptford 38th Annual Thanksgiving Tournament, November 23rd - 25th