South Jersey Girls Soccer League

Club Pass FAQ 

Club Pass players will be referred to as CP in this document.

Q: How many club pass players can each team have?

A: Teams U8 - U12 can have up to 3 CP players per team. Teams U13 and above     may have up to 4 CP players per team. 

Q: Will there still be guest players?

A: The purpose of club passes is to replace the need for guest players. It is also to give those teams in need of players an opportunity to play with the same team more frequently. 

Q: Can a players carded up an age or more CP to an age appropriate team?

A: Yes, players can CP to any team in their club that does not violate any other league roster rule. 

Q: Can players from a higher flight team CP to a lower flight team?

A: Yes, a player may move up or down flight to CP. The idea behind club passing is that it achieves several goals. It gives the teams that struggle with numbers a consistent group to use to fill out the team. It is also a program that is designed with the intent to give players whom may not get too much playing time with their primary team a chance to get more touches and develop. We as a league believe we are past the days where teams are looking to sandbag and trophy hunt. That being said, we will be monitoring the match results for CP teams. 

Q: How many teams can a player be CP to?

A: A player may only appear on one (1) primary roster and on one (1) roster as a CP player.

Q: Are CP players eligible for SJ Cup or tournaments?
A: Players on a CP are NOT eligible for play in SJ Cup, however tournaments are dependent upon their rules of competition.

Q: Do players need to be primarily rostered in SJGSL to be CP to a team?

A: Yes, a player must be primarily rostered to a team playing in the SJGSL in the same club in order to be used as a CP player.  

Q: What to do if a CP player is not playing in a particular game?

A: Just cross the player off of the GDR - just like if a regular player is sick and not playing in a game. 

2024 Scholarship Awards

SJGSL is proud to announce that our 2024 Scholarship Award recipients are:

Jessica Wojnar
Hannah Simons
Elisabeth Gallagher

The Scholarship Awards will be presented at the league's coaches meeting on February 5, 2024.