Without exception, coaching education is the greatest tool available, not only to develop players but to also teach the game in a way that promotes lifelong love of the sport! SJGSL fully supports continuing education for coaches, especially as their players grow and develop. Help give your players the best experience possible! It is with that spirit in mind that SJSL/SJGSL present the Level 2 coaching development course. Come check it out!

Click HERE for information on license requirements for coaches and all other individuals on the team sideline as well as information on the South Jersey Leagues Coaching License course.

If you have any questions regarding uploading your license, contact Jenn at:  coachlicenses@gmail.com 

To all clubs and coaches - as previously discussed, SJGSL has reviewed all Spring 2019 rosters to verify that ALL coaches and assistant coaches are properly certified.

Prior to the start of the Fall 2018 season, we stated that ALL head coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, etc. (anyone with a US Club pass and on the roster) MUST upload a copy of their coaching certificate using the Google Doc posted on the home page of our website.  If they took only the grassroots license, they also had to include a copy of their Rutgers Safety course certificate.  This was not an optional requirement.  To participate in the SJGSL, all coaches are required to be in compliance with N.J.S.A. 2A:62A-1 et seq. (the "Little League Law").  For the safety of our players, we required all coaches to show that they were in compliance with this requirement by uploading the appropriate certificate.

To date, the league has checked all of the teams from the Spring 2019 registration and most coaches have complied with the above direction.  Unfortunately, over 200 coaches have not.  The list of coaches and their clubs/teams can be found "HERE".  It is possible that some coaches have been missed.  If so, please have them upload their certificates ASAP. 

If a coach has been carded but has failed to complete an approved licensing/certificate course, they are ineligible to participate in the SJGSL.  If such a coach has already participated in games during the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 seasons, they will be removed and sanctioned under the league rules.  Coaches who have attended the proper course(s), but who have failed to upload a copy of their license/certificate will also be treated as ineligible participants.

SJGSL will recognize a two week grace period.  All affected coaches will have until 8:00 AM Sunday, April 14th to complete the online Google form and upload a copy of their license(s).  Coaches failing to comply by this deadline will be suspended from participating in any remaining league or SJ Cup games.  The link is on our website under "Coaching Resources/Coaching Education" or click "HERE".

To all club officials and head coaches, please make sure that your assistant coaches and other staff are aware of this requirement and this email.  Coaches suspended under this protocol will not be reinstated during the Spring 2019 season even if they later upload their certificate.

Thank you.

Jenn Storer
SJGSL Executive Board