South Jersey Girls Soccer League

The SJGSL would like to share some exciting news - we have entered into an agreement with the Northern Counties Soccer Association with a goal of creating additional competition for some of our teams outside the standard scope of our league play.  

As you know, our league has continued to strive to provide our players with additional ways to compete and to enjoy the game of soccer.   In just the last few years, the SJGSL has created and expanded the South Jersey Cup tournament which currently has over 230 teams participating along with the resurrection and expansion of the league Select Program which has proven to be both popular and successful.

The NCSA and SJGSL are the two largest U.S. Club sanctioned leagues in New Jersey and this has provided us with the basis for an agreement on some inter-league play.   Our executive board has agreed to an initial competition between our top flight U-13 through U-15 teams in addition to some competition between our U-13 and U-14 SJ Cup champions against the NCSA Cup champions.   A Garden State Cup Championship idea has been floated around!

The plan is for each league to have an 8-team top flight in these 3 age groups.   In our league, those 8 teams would play each other in our league schedule for a total 7 games.   In addition, each team in those top flights would play 2 games against a top flight team in the NCSA league which would give our teams a total of 9 games for the season.   Those 2 games would consist of one game at home and one away.   The first game will be played on the weekend of March 13 th -14 th in South Jersey and the second game on the weekend of April 24 th -25 th at NCSA.   Both of these 2 inter-league games would count in our league standings.  

Our executive board would also like to acknowledge the way in which our clubs, teams, coaches and players have jumped wholeheartedly into our SJ Cup and Select programs.   It is one thing to create the programs but they go nowhere without the participation of our soccer families.   Rest assured that your involvement is what provides the incentive for your board to look to provide additional opportunities for our players and to continue to strengthen our league.  

Thank you

SJGSL Executive Board