South Jersey Girls Soccer League

SJ Cup Scheduling Process

The brackets are finalized and you may start scheduling your games now.  Here is also a short video to help you…

Please read this email carefully as it should be able to answer all of your questions.  Since we are now in GotSport we will no longer require the google forms for scheduling, you will all put your own schedules in GotSport.  Here is the link showing you how to schedule games

The team chat feature is what you will use to schedule all games, this way we can monitor those coaches who aren’t responding etc. 
Here is a link to show you how to use the chat feature:

If you are using a league game as a cup game (remember you can not use club pass players if you are doing this) please change the status to read “Friendly” when scheduling these games in GotSport.  All regular cup games scheduled should use “scheduled” as the status when scheduling. 

If you need to reschedule a game due to weather or other issue here is how it is changed in GotSport, remember to always notify the league on a game scheduling change:
We will lock rosters on October 1st, I will send out a reminder as well but please don’t wait until the last minute to update your rosters. 
Here is the link to the whole schedule

2024 Scholarship Awards

SJGSL is proud to announce that our 2024 Scholarship Award recipients are:

Jessica Wojnar
Hannah Simons
Elisabeth Gallagher

The Scholarship Awards will be presented at the league's coaches meeting on February 5, 2024.