South Jersey Girls Soccer League

2020 SJGSL COVID-19 Referee Procedures

Referees will adhere to all social distancing guidelines. They will wear masks at all times, except when on the field refereeing. And Referees should attempt to maintain their own distance while on field.

Deliberate physical contact of any kind is prohibited.

No spitting will be allowed on the field, sidelines, or anywhere on the event grounds.

Referees should bring and use their own equipment, it is ok if flags do not match. Also handle the ball as little as possible.

Referees are not responsible for controlling social distancing measures OFF the field during the game. If a legitimate issue arises, play may be suspended and the coaches asked for assistance.

In the event of misconduct, the Referee should show the card with social distance in mind. Play should not restart until the player is identified. Coaches may be called onto the field to help in the event of mass confrontation.

Coin toss will be the Referee and one participant from each team


Check-in Procedure:

-          Passes shall remain in the possession of the coach at all times;

-      The paper GDR will be given to the referee who will submit it to the appropriate SJGSL Games Commissioner after the match;

-          On the GDR, the coach shall cross out any players who will not be playing in the game and give the GDR to the referee;

-          Coach shall call out the name of each player and show that player’s pass to the referee.  The player shall raise her hand or otherwise indicate that she is present.  All staff passes shall also be shown to the referee;

-          The coach shall retain all GDRs until the end of the soccer year (7/31/2021) in the event that an insurance question should arise;

-          The referee shall note the issuance of any cards and/or other type of behavior issue – whether by player, coach or parent – and forward that information to the games commissioner by the end of the day of the game.