South Jersey Girls Soccer League


Each team will play the other teams in their bracket one time
Teams need to schedule the games on their own.
Games may be played between Sep 29 and Dec 2
Please use the chat feature in Got Soccer to work out the details of the game
After agreeing on the game, the home team must fill out a google form with the game information and we will put the game in Arbiter so you will get a referee crew assigned
Recommended times are before the first or after the last SJGSL/SJSL game on Sat or Sun, but you may play whenever it's mutually agreed upon by the teams
We need 7 days notice of your game in order to get you a referee (No Exceptions!)
We have a preliminary schedule which we are close to releasing.
The games will be listed as scheduled for Christmas.  That was done on purpose so teams would not think that they are supposed to play on that day.


Each age group will have playoffs. 
Some will have the division winners advancing while some will have some second place teams advancing.
The specifics of the playoffs will come out later

More Information will come out later. 


Click HERE for the list of brackets.


To access your cup schedule, please do the following:

1. Log into your got soccer team account
2. In the middle of the screen you will see the events, find the row for SJ Cup and click view in the column for schedule.
3. In the new window that opens, on the right column you will see the chat button.  This is where you communicate with your opponent.
4. After agreeing on the date and time of your game, please fill in the following form:

Click "HERE"

We need 7 days notice to get you referees. 

If you are playing a team that is in your SJGSL flight and you and your opponent agree to use the league game as your SJ Cup game, use this GoogleDoc form:

Click "HERE"

Confirmation of Receipt of Scheduling Form:

If you would like to get confirmation that your entry to the Cup schedule was received, here is a link to a spreadsheet that shows the entries from the game schedule request sheet.  In the last column on the right, you will see an entry with a person's name and date that it was entered into Arbiter.  Once the game is entered into Arbiter a referee will be assigned.

Click "HERE"

Score Reporting:

If you are the home team, please email us the score after the game @ (in addition to following the league score reporting)


1- some changes were made to even out the home/away teams - please recheck your schedules
2- Remember to use the chat feature for communication, I have already received 8 emails from coaches who aren't getting responses.  
3- If both teams can't get field space, please let me know.  We have a few clubs who have offered up space to use during the week with lights and some weekends.

Any questions?  Contact Heather: