South Jersey Girls Soccer League



1) U7 players may play up +1 year on a U8 team. (see below)


2) U8 teams must be 51% age appropriate. No exceptions given.


3) U8–U14 players may play up two (2) years with club approval


4) U15 and above players may play up with club approval


5) There are no majority rules (except for 51% at U8)

Specifics:  All U-8 teams are subject to the "majority plus one" rule.  A majority of the team, plus one, must be age appropriate.  For example, on rosters of 13 or 14 players, 8 players must be age appropriate. On rosters of 11 or 12 players, 7 players must be age appropriate. On rosters of 9 or 10 players, 6 players must be age appropriate.  The "majority plus one" rule must be satisfied at all times on the applicable seasonal event roster. 

2024 Scholarship Awards

SJGSL is proud to announce that our 2024 Scholarship Award recipients are:

Jessica Wojnar
Hannah Simons
Elisabeth Gallagher

The Scholarship Awards will be presented at the league's coaches meeting on February 5, 2024.