South Jersey Girls Soccer League


Updated, February 18, 2020


The league’s Club Pass Rule replaces the guest player system previously used by SJGSL. Club Pass Players will constitute a small pool of predesignated players that a team may use to fill out their roster, either as needed or on a more full-time basis. The intent of this policy is not to provide a way for teams to stretch low player numbers. Rather, it is a program to allow clubs to give players additional touches in game situations and also to provide teams that utilize CP Players a bit of continuity among their players. (N.B. Club Pass Players will be referred to as CP).

The following rules apply to the Club Pass Player policy:

1. Club Pass request forms MUST be submitted to the league (send to Mike at later the Wednesday prior to the scheduled date for Round 1 of the season. Starting Spring 2020, SJGSL will allow changes and additions to requested CP players during the season. However, requests after the initial date must be made by email to the SJGSL Administrator and may take up to seventy two (72) hours to be processed.   CP may not play until the request is approved and the CP appears on the GDR.

2. Teams must have enough players on a roster to field a team before applying for CP.

3. SJGSL will not make any additional concessions for scheduling based on CP use. Teams forfeiting due to scheduling issues for CP will be fined an additional $50, in addition to the standard forfeit and referee fees.

4. Teams may use a maximum of 3 CP for each small sided (U8-U12) and a maximum of 4 CP for full sided teams (U13-U19).

5. Club Reps will submit the online CP approval form for each Club. Reps will need to submit what teams the players are rostered to primarily and which team they will be Club Passed to. Players may NOT be assigned to more than two teams, one primary and one CP.

6. Players on a CP are not permitted to participate in SJ CUP. Only primarily rostered players are eligible to compete in Cup. This follows the same guidelines as the rule prohibiting guest players from being used in SJCUP.

7. Any team found to be using CP without proper permission or CP to another team will be subject to sanctions from the SJGSL Executive Board, including, but not limited to the following: fine, forfeit, staff sanctions, player sanctions.

8. CP are valid for the one season. Club Reps must submit new CP requests to the league for each new season.

9. Teams found in violation of the CP policy shall be prohibited from using CP for that season. Clubs found to have more than one team in violation of the CP policy will be subject to a bond before CP privileges will be restored. Subsequent violations may lead to a club and/or team’s removal from the CP program.

10. CP must wear a matching uniform for the team they are playing for. If there is a duplicate jersey number, the coach may take steps to correct this but a duplicate uniform number of a CP will not preclude that player from participating in the match.

11. CP may play under the following age guidelines:

(A) Players with the same birth-year as the team requesting the CP – this includes players who may be playing “up” but are of the same birth year as the Club-Pass team;

(B) Players with a younger birth-year as the team requesting the CP. All players MUST abide by the league’s Playing Up rule (Rule X(I)).

12.  In the event that a CP player is not going to play in a particular game, all you need to do is just cross her out on your GDR for that game - just like if a regular player is sick and not playing in that game. 

Rules subject to update by SJGSL Exec Board due to unforeseen events or needs.