Score Entry

Before noon of the Monday following your game, please enter your game score..

The HOME team is responsible to enter the game score.

To enter your game score, click HERE. When the window opens, you will need to enter your coach email address and then the following password: 529075. The password is the same for all coaches.

Game Day Rosters

Game Day Rosters can be printed up to 3 days prior to a game. Only Game Day Rosters printed from this website and within this time frame may be used for league games. Coaches may NOT write, type or print anything additional on a Game Day Roster after it has been printed unless specifically approved by the league. Player names may NOT be manually added to a Game Day Roster after it has been printed. Players who will not be in attendance may be lined out on the Game Day Roster. They cannot be added. It is advised that you wait until you are sure of your roster before printing it, or print the entire roster if you do not have more players rostered than may appear at a league game.

Please print out 2 copies of your roster for each game. One copy is exchanged with the opposing team after the referee adds his/her name and the names of the ARs. The other copy is retained by the referee.

To print your Game Day Rosters, you will need to use your email address and the following PIN (529075) and click HERE.

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