South Jersey Girls Soccer League

SJGSL Game Card Instructions

All Game Day Rosters must be submitted electronically. The scan must be in pdf format only. Other formats are not able to be downloaded and saved efficiently. Please make an attempt to scan all GDRs within a few days following the date of the game, e.g. by Wednesday morning from a Saturday game.  

When emailing, please name the pdf the following way:  Age group, HOME team, AWAY team – e.g. "U14 Moorestown United 2005 vs Marlton Clash 2005". Please give the full team name to make it easier to file and locate later. This is identical to the boys league so that the system can be consistent for the referees. 

By scanning and naming the files this way, you will be greatly assisting us to record and track all violations, grievance issues and resolve any disputes in a much more timely and efficient manner.


Red cards are to be noted on the GDR but the offender's pass is to be returned to the team at the end of the game.



Division 1 & 2 (U15 and above) – Steve Peterson at:

Division 3 (U13 & 14) – Jenn Storer at:

Division 4 – (U11 & 12) – Barry Fitzgerald at:

Division 5 – (U8, 9 & 10) – Rob Barr at: